Gemstone Color Birth Month Mystical Attributes
Alexandrite Red to Green June
Aids in centering, enhances self-esteem and feelings of joy
Amazonite Aqua green   Enhances and stimulates thoughts, balances the emotions
Amethyst Purple February
Absorbs, purifies and transmutes negativity, stimulates spiritual growth, initiates understanding, calms the mind, cleanses
Apatite Neon Turquoise   Balances, integrates, aids in meditation and creativity
Aquamarine Aqua March
Promotes inner peace, stabilizes, balances, purifies
Aventurine Deep sparkling
  Promotes creative insight, independence and originality, stabilizes and balances
Carnelian Orange   Assists with inner strength and courage, grounds energies to the present, stimulates
Charoite Purple   Brings fears into consciousness to dissolve fear patterns, enhances courage and strength leading to greater awareness of purpose on earth
Chrysocolla Turquoise   Leads to greater inner peace, amplifies thoughts
Citrine Golden Yellow November
Gives glowing emotional warmth, helps the rational mind, energizes
Danburite Clear   Activates intellect, helps to balance individual identity
Diamond Clear April
Fosters unity and love, trust and fidelity, aids in creativity
Emerald Emerald Green May
Leads to harmony, equilibrium and patience, enhances mental wisdom and healing 
Fluorite Violet, Blue, Green, Yellow   Aids in focusing, cleansing and purifying, conducts and aligns energies, opens the way for other stones, prepares and balances
Garnet-Red Deep Red January
Activates deep eternal love, grounds and protects
Garnet-Color Change Pink to Golden Raisin   Fosters commitment, balances and integrates emotions
Clear April
Assists in storing information, releases stress and tension, balances the personality, draws forth memories
Iolite Violet-blue/gray   Transforms intellectual knowledge into intuition and true wisdom, enhances will power and unselfish energy, gives insight and sense of direction
Jade Moss Green   Promotes inner assurance, soothes nervous energy, harmonizes with all
Kunzite Lilac Pink   Aids in external expression of internalized self love, promotes tolerance, acceptance and peace, balances mind and heart
Labradorite Gray with flashes of Blue and Green   Inspires expanding consciousness and greater self-awareness.  Spectrolite reflects energies of the universe, aids in total balancing, brings serenity, an evolving stone
Lapis Lazuli Royal Blue December
Brings forth one's inner power, harmonizes and stabilizes, aids in meditation
Larimar Blue/green/white   Transmits the celestial peacefulness of earth, sky, sea, calms emotions with blue tranquility, promotes harmony between heart and mind, enhances verbal expression
Lavender Strawberry Quartz Lavender with sparkles   Transmutes energy into spiritual growth, enhances self esteem, calming, leads to lessening of anxiety
Malachite Vivid Green   Aids in intuition and right-left brain balance, amplifies moods - use when in a positive mood, reflects inner self, mirrors the soul, grounds higher energies, provides protection
Moldavite Green   Aids in spiritual evolution, grounds light for healing the planet, enhances dreams and intuition, cleanses blockages, energizes
Moonstone Pearly White June
Soothes and balances emotions, encourages inner awareness, reflects reality
Morganite Soft Pink   Encourages love and helps maintain wisdom and patience
Opal Iridescent with play of color October
Develops joy, intuition and creativity, diversifies or scatters, amplifies traits, balances
Pearl Cream with overtones and iridescence June
Creates beauty and harmony from discord, activates purity and sacrificial love, aids in emotional balancing, stimulates creativity
Peridot Yellowish Green August
(wedded bliss)
Alleviates spiritual fear, balances the physical body, clears mental fatigue
Phenakite Milky Clear   Centers, aids in expanding conscious awareness, enhances relationships
Quartz Clear April
Promotes clarity of mental vision, amplifies and balances energies
Raspberry Rhodolite Garnet Raspberry Pink   Balances emotions, fosters greater awareness and cooperation
Rhodochrosite Pink with White bands   Integrates spiritual and physical energies, releases emotional stress
Rose Quartz Light Pink   Opens the heart to soft, loving emotions, calms
Ruby Red July
Promotes free flowing divine love and courage, energizes
Rutilated Quartz Clear with Golden needles   Contains magnetic force fields for currents of energy, counters against radiation, enhances agelessness, encourages optimism 
Sapphire Blue September
(clear thinking)
Promotes insight and instant knowing, enhances creative mind
Sapphire-Color Change Lavender to Teal    Leads to joy and peace of mind, balances energy, integrates the mind
Smoky Quartz Grayish Brown   A stone with powerful white light energy, softens negative thought forms, enhances awareness of sounds
Spessartite Garnet Reddish Orange   Helps with growth and balance and analytical processes
Spinel Pink, Violet   Renews energy, enhances appearance, energizes beauty
Strawberry Quartz Pink with Golden sparkles   Enhances self-esteem, aids in reducing anxiety, contains energy fields activating universal love
Sugilite Royal Purple   Aids in opening the third eye, integrates spiritual energies, links the mind to the body, grounds the purple ray
Tanzanite Royal Indigo   Helps the will to foster achievement, assists in exploring aspects of the self
Topaz Yellow November
Source of strength, hope and expansiveness, balances emotions and energies, rejuvenates
Tourmalinated Quartz Clear with Black needles   Creates a balance of light and darkness, breaks negative habit patterns, transforms negative energies
Tourmaline Pink, Green, Blue October
Balances polarities of energy, leads to greater awareness, creates equilibrium, harmonizes, a receiver stone
Tsavorite Garnet Intense Green   Stimulates knowledge in higher planes, assists with sensitivity
Turquoise Turquoise December
Balances polarities of energy, creates equilibrium, harmonizes
Zircon Sparkling Blue December
Balances virtue, helps with hardiness, intuition and purity 

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